Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Tom and I went to Tacoma yesterday to see Bob Seer.  Tom is a big fan.  I have not been but definitely grew up with his music, especially as a teenager listening to KISW and KZOK.  Here a snippets of some of his songs:


Shame on the Moon:

Roll Me Away:

Her Strut:

We’ve Got Tonite:

Travelin’ Man:

Sunspot Baby:

Bob Seger:

Turn the Page:

Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man:

The Silver Bullet Band (with many long-term members):

The rest are encore performances.

Against the Wind:

Hollywood Nights:

Night Moves:

Rock and Roll Never Forgets:

Bob Seger:

He wrote almost all of the songs he performed.  He still has the same voice he always had.  I think he is moving less on stage and playing less guitar, but it was an amazing performance.  I do have a new appreciation of him and his music.  I am happy to have seen him on his last tour.  And Tom was thrilled.

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