Why Our Mornings Are Colder

This time of year, the sun rises over the top of this hill.  Here is the sun finally beginning to reach us at 8:37 this morning.  Earlier in the year, the sun rises in the valley that you see to the left.

The shadows are long this time of year with the sun so far to the south.  Here is a goose shadow.  It actually extends farther than the photo, going almost to the gate.

And here is the sound in the barn when the sun hits the roof of the hay loft and the frost melts onto the metal roof below it.

Our lack of sunshine this time of year is nothing compared to Northern Sweden where my ancestors came from and family still lives.  But still there are dramatic differences in the seasons here.  And I would have it no other way.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Your video is interesting!
    When we lived in Canada many years ago, the house would makes sounds of cracking and popping when the weather would turn so bitterly cold… It was interesting, too!

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