More Snow, Turkey Pies and Metropole

I have been worrying about the hummingbirds in this storm.  Yesterday I was concerned about this bird just sitting on a branch near the feeder.  But he did fly over to eat and acted upset if I got near him.  This morning he reappeared in the same spot, and he attacked another hummingbird who tried to eat.  So now I think he is just guarding the feeder.  Fortunately we have another feeder on the back porch.

Here is our snow fall as of this morning, about three inches.

Here is the sheep pasture this morning.

Olivia refused to come out of their shelter this morning for her usual wetted grain and alfalfa pellets.  So she had to share it with Marty today.

Here is the valley with its blanket of snow,

and the cows with snowy backs.

Tom brought a bucket of water into the barn so the chickens did not have to walk in the snow to drink.  They seemed to appreciate it.

I noticed some bird prints in the produce stand this morning too.  It looks like a bird took refuge from the storm in there.

And our cat Chloe is weathering the storm too, not leaving the front of the pellet stove much.  You can see that Orla the duck has made a recovery from her broken foot as well.

I was able to make turkey pot pies using a vintage Better Homes & Gardens recipe.

I did use the last of our rendered lard instead of shortening. I used dried parsley as our fresh parsley has died with the cold temperatures. And I do not have any diced pimentos on hand. I did put bottom and top crusts in the pies. Here they are all cooked.

As I worked in the kitchen Chloe got closer to the stove, using the bricks as a pillow.

Then I started a low carb turkey pie for me.

Here is the crust after rolling in parchment papers.

While I worked on the crusts, Chloe got even closer to the stove.

Here is the filling. I opted not to put carrots in it but used our peas. I ran out of parsley too.

And here it is cooked. The crust is difficult to get off the parchment and not pretty.

Then it was time for a pre-dinner cocktail. Today was Metropole.

Here are the ingredients.

And here is the cocktail.

It was yummy as was dinner for both of us. Now it is time to head to our wood-fired hot tub. Hopefully there will be snowflakes this time.

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3 Responses to More Snow, Turkey Pies and Metropole

  1. Jeanne says:

    Nice pictures!
    Your Chloe reminds Marlys and me of our Phoebe. We had to give her to a friend when we moved, a long time ago. She was a lovely cat.
    I’ve never tried making turkey pies. I guess I should try it!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks. I am sorry you had to give Phoebe away. I hope she had a good life with your friend. Turkey pies are a good way to use leftover turkey and are nice when the weather is crappy.

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