Blanket Bill and Alice Jarman and our prairie, Part 2

So this is a much delayed follow up to my first post about this topic.  In December we received a comment that a practical neighbor knew where the well site is.  So after the holidays, Tom’s birthday trip and the snows, we were finally able to visit this site last weekend.  We did a follow up trip today to get better photos that try to recreate the photos that Percival R. Jeffcott took of Ray Jordan pointing out the sites of the well, the first cabin and the second cabin.  So here are those photos:

Jordan stands in sunken spot of Jarman’s well

recreation of Jarman’s well photo

Ray Jordan and present owner locate first cabin

recreation of first cabin photo with same fir tree in the background

Jordan’s “One Acre Clearing” and the site of his second cabin. The fence marks Jarman’s east line; his claim was on the further side. Ray Jordan points to the cabin site. In the grove at the left are the graves of Jarman’s wife and a daughter.

recreation of second cabin photo

So now we believe we know the locations of Jarman’s first and second cabins on Jarman Prairie, where we live.  It is exhilarating to finally know this information.  He was the first permanent settler in what became Skagit as well as Whatcom counties.  And now the locations of his original claim is known as well as the locations of his homes here and his improvements.  I really wish we could find one of his original apples trees so we will keep looking.  Our plans are to finally visit the Washington State Archives Northwest Regional Branch, The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies and to visit his grave.

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