Pandemic Coronavirus

I found this podcast to be very interesting, comparing prior epidemics and our current one.  I have long been fascinated by the 1918 influenza pandemic and have always feared how we would fare with a similar situation.  We have made medical advances but do not have the infrastructure to provide for a surge of intensively ill people.  So now here we are. One thing that I do not think has been well publicized is the fact that health care providers have not been able to access Covid-19 testing until a few days ago except for known exposures.  So no wonder the virus has been circulating amongst us and killing people without our knowledge because we couldn’t do the testing.  The other point of this podcast is even if we get through this spring, this virus could come back with a real vengeance next fall.  So strap in for the roller coater ride we are about to go through.  And please take this very seriously.

PS  Did you know that Trump’s grandfather (who was a brothel owner in Seattle, Monte Cristo and the Klondike) was one of the first fatalities of the 1918 pandemic?  You would think he would take this a little more seriously….

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  1. You would think – unless you’ve followed the man to get an idea of how he thinks and acts.

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