Boles Weekend Finally!

Due to work, a birthday trip and my illness we haven’t been to our mountain trailer since December, and we’ve been missing it.

So Friday Tom, Steve and I loaded up and headed out. We stopped west of Snoqualmie Pass because Steve had to pee, and Tom noticed the wire to our trailer lights was broken. So he worked on that.

Then we stopped at Owens Meats in Cle Elum to get supplies, and he noticed that one of our trailer tires was seriously damaged and about to blow up. So we drove to my brother’s place just a couple blocks away and changed the tire.

Then we headed to Willettes Ties to get a new spare.

We finally made it up to our Boles Aero.

But when we got there we noticed wind damage. The first thing was that one of our propane tanks had blown off the front.

Then we noticed that Dad’s windmill which had survived the fire was badly damaged.

Then I opened the Boles, and there was broken glass all over. The glasses that had been on the dining area shelves had blown off, and some had busted.

We had been noticing bits of broken plastic on the ground and then figured out that our kitchen vent had busted.

So I cleaned up the glass while Tom taped up the vent. I also put up a Dixie Cup dispenser in the bathroom.

Then it was time for a cocktail by the wood stove listening to Rock House on WEVL.

Tom started a barrel fire. We are using these to burn the stumps from the trees destroyed by the forest fire. It works well.

We had an amazing dinner with Owens filet mignon.

After dinner we stood by the barrel fire and listened to Captain Pete’s Blues Cruise on WEVL. It was a beautiful night and not cold by the fire. It was a magical moment.

Saturday morning my dad, brother and his girlfriend joined us. Dad brought a replacement vent for us so Tom fixed that. He also brought us a solar charger for our Arlo camera so Tom put that up as well. Now we will not have to worry about the camera battery dying, and we should always be able to check the conditions there.

We mostly hung out and then had an amazing dinner with Owens smoked pork chops in the bunkhouse. After dinner we showed off the mysterious Sorry! game then played a rousing game of Aggravation. It was quite fun and I won!

There were also fireworks we could see over the ridge. So another lovely evening.

This morning the weather was clear and cool. You could see Mount Rainier well.

Steve enjoyed patrolling the property. He does not disappear like he used to and was very well behaved.

Unfortunately we had to spring forward so there was one less hour for us to enjoy the Boles. Here we are having to leave.

I think everyone had a nice time. It was nice for Tom and I to take a break from the farm and all the Coronavirus fears. We are heading back to these things but feeling refreshed.

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4 Responses to Boles Weekend Finally!

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you got to make the trip, but I’m sorry you had so many problems! It seemed like one thing after another! It surprised me when you mentioned going through Cle Elum! How far do you have to drive to get there?

    • Jeanne says:

      P.S. I wondered if you know when that terrible windstorm was…

      And for to tell you how much fun we used to have playing Aggravation. Such fun! We may still have our set upstairs.

  2. Love hearing about your life! Especially since I can relate to some of the places you drove through:)

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