Pandemic Friday Night #2

So for our second attempt at social distancing Friday celebrating, we arranged to have curbside pick up of dinner from Panera Bread in Burlington. My mother gave me a gift card for them for my birthday so I thought we would use it to treat ourselves but also support the local employees of this business.

So we took the hot rod and drove to Burlington. I did sweatpants again this time. Here is the price of gas in Burlington.


Panera Bread is right next to Costco. There was a line of at least 2 blocks when we arrived.


I got French Onion Soup and Tom got a pulled chicken sandwich and mac n cheese. Here is my dinner, which was tasty.


I also made a Fish House Punch from the Downton Abbey Cocktail Book. This was the oldest cocktail recipe I have used as it is from 1732 from the Fish House Club where George Washington was a member. It has rum, regular and peach brandy, lime and lemon juices, simple syrup and a large ice block. I made 1/2 recipe and it still filled my punch bowl.


The plan was to have movie night. Tom picked the first movie which was 1917. This was an intense movie.


Then I made popcorn,


and we watched Little Women, the movie I picked.


There was a warning on the recipe to sip the punch slowly and let the ice dilute the punch. Apparently I did not sip slowly enough, and I ended up getting sick. So a mostly enjoyable Friday evening except the end, which was my own fault. So I will need to modify my plans for our next Friday night. Lesson learned.

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  1. sanebishop says:

    Price of gas is same is currently the same in NC.

    1917 and Little Women, two very different but excellent movies.

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