April Farm Animals

Our sickly red rooster was doing better the other day.  Here he is with our banty rooster.  But he has been worsening the last few days, and today the “nice” red rooster attacked him in front of me.  So the “nice” rooster will be dinner soon, and this rooster is back in the rabbit hutch, safe with food and water.  I hope he makes it.

Our farrier came today to trim the donkey hooves.  We had been trying to do it ourselves, but last week it was apparent that we do not know what we are doing.  So she kindly came out today and trimmed them.  We will continue now to utilize her services and not try to save money doing it ourselves.  For some reason the cows were keenly interested in her today.  She has been coming for years and they never paid any attention.  Sorry it is a poor photo but it does show their fascination with her.

This morning I did enjoy the sheep running toward me to say hi.  Diddley led the charge, of course.  It is nice to be appreciated.

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  1. Beefsteak says:

    I would love to see your rabbit hutch!

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