Pandemic Friday Evening #3

This one was a little sadder than the last ones due to me being alone and sick. But I tried to make the best of it. It started with knitting and watching the NFL Draft.


I ordered a pick up a salad from Panera Bread (thanks Mom!).


I then picked up an order of animal feed and minerals that we needed.


And then I picked up my order of groceries. I had ordered these for pick up about 1 week ago so needed to get them. I figured I should pick up the other things since I had to go into town anyway.


Here’s my dinner.


When I got home, I did play rainbow bear with Steve.


I added some of our own turkey meat to the salad. Here is my dinner.


I did get back in time for the Seahawks draft pick (#69 overall).


Then I watched an episode of This Farming Life. Here are some sheep on the Shetland Islands.


Then I watched The Hospital with George C. Scott. It was suggested by Marc Maron, and I knew my husband wouldn’t appreciate it.


I even made more popcorn with the Whirley Pop. I tried to make brown butter suggested by Lori. I am not sure it was brown enough though.


So I made the best of my pandemic Friday evening. I am starting to feel better so that is something. And the movie is worth watching, particularly for people who work in hospitals.

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2 Responses to Pandemic Friday Evening #3

  1. Jeanne says:

    Ya, I think this was was partially there, but not complete! I wonder if it’s the solar flares that cause that to happen….


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