Chronic Illness and Farming

I am starting to suspect I have a chronic illness.  I hope to know more on Monday.  I have been struggling somewhat doing the chores, mostly because I am so exhausted.  But I also have been watching This Farming Life.  In the last season (for me Season 3) there is an owner of a dairy farm in Northern Ireland who has Multiple Sclerosis.  He describes being bedridden with it for 6 weeks and feels that farming saved him.  He felt it gave him a reason to get out of bed and caring for the animals gave him a psychological boost.  He feels it kept him in better physical shape as he had to do physical work as well as helping him emotionally.

I am feeling that too.  I struggle to get out of bed after sleeping for 10 hours because I know I have to feed the animals.  And when I get out there, I am enchanted by them.

Today I was enchanted by our head rooster for some reason.  He really struck me as majestic today.

The breeze was blowing his tail feathers around a little.

I was also drawn to the other chickens too.  I enjoyed watching one of Rasa’s hens pecking at a juiced orange.

And here is the beat up rooster, seemingly doing better.  Big decisions ahead about what to do.

And the, of course, the chicks are charming.

All of the farmers on this series talked about how caring for young animals improved their moods despite the hard realities of farming.  Since we have stopped breeding, there are a lot less young animals here.  No goat kids, lambs, duckings, goslings, calves, and baby rabbits.  But we will have 2 piglets arriving Tuesday so that will be fun.

In the last season there was a couple of older farmers in the Scottish Highlands.  She has Parkinson’s Disease,  he has arthritis, and they were talking about how long they could and should continue.  There is always that thought looming too.

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10 Responses to Chronic Illness and Farming

  1. Diane Cruikshank says:

    All the best wishes to you Donna. Your rooster is very handsome and majestic!

  2. Jackie craw says:

    Beautiful rooster! I pray you feel better

  3. I do hope you can get a definitive diagnosis!

  4. sanebishop says:

    best wishes–hoping for the best! We’ve been thinking about getting a few piglets too this summer. We haven’t raised pigs in a few years and kind of miss their presence on the farm.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m praying that you’ll be able to learn just what is going on in your system. I definitely agree with Michelle, that it’s far better to know what you’re facing, than to stumble around in the dark. I hope it doesn’t take too long to find out what it is.

    Your rooster is absolutely magnificent!!

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