Meet Porky and Petunia

So we picked up our pigs today near Oso. I was in a hurry and managed to forget my mask. So we stopped off at a local home en route advertising masks for sale and bought two. They are really nice ones too.

Then we arrived and got our pigs from one of these pens from Bruce King, who we have been getting our pigs from recently. He talked about the latest news from today that yet another giant pig processor is shutting down. He predicts farmers killing and burying their pigs in mass graves and upcoming food riots. I hope he is wrong but happy we have secured our own meat. If you are interested in securing your own meat he does have pigs for sale, and the runts are only $60 each.

Here are our pigs in their kennels on the ride home. They are Yorkshire-Duroc crosses.

Here is Tom moving them to their new pen.

Here they are in their new pen. They seem so small.

Their arrival caused big excitement  Here is Marty checking them out


They started rooting around immediately so that is a good sign

Steve was the most excited.  He was totally amped up


I decided to name them Porky and Petunia after the Looney Tunes characters despite the fact that they are both female.  This is Petunia.  She is the smaller one and has an ear tag.


This is Porky Pig.

Porky found the straw in the shelter first.

They continued to check out their new digs.

The sheep were curious about them.

And finally Marty and the pigs were able to touch noses.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I hope Porky and Petunia will do well and grow up to be big pigs! I love the names!

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