Great Smog

I am still incapacitated by this reactive arthritis.  So I have been binge watching shows.  The latest is The Crown.  It is fascinating, and I am learning a lot about British history.  But I learned today about the Great Smog of London of 1952.  I did not know anything about this event. Here are the depictions of the hospital during it in this show.

london fog 1london fog 2london fog 3

In the first photo notice the masks.  The doctor said they did no good but made the government feel like it was doing something.  And here is the final tally from 5 days of deadly smog, 12,000 people died.

london fog 4

I have been making comparisons of our current pandemic to 1918-1919.  But this is another analogy.  How lack of planning and gross governmental misconduct led to the overwhelming of the healthcare system and extreme numbers of unnecessary deaths.  There are lessons that should have been learned about how to prepare for and rapidly adjust to a health catastrophe.

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  1. Dewi says:

    Very good write-up of the Great Smog, I had no idea it appeared in The Crown!

    There’s also the Great Stink, which was kinda similar – and a hilarious part of history, well worth a look!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Very interesting! I must admit that i had a hard time trying to find the masks in the first picture.

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