40th Anniversary of the Eruption of Mount St. Helens

I wanted to post on this 40th anniversary of a significant event in my life.  I already did a blog post about it in 2017 , but wanted to do one again with some added family photos.  Above is a photo of the Cascades that I believe my grandfather took earlier in 1980.  And below are the notations in our family cabin book about the aftermath of the eruption.

Here are photos of our family cabin with the ash after the eruption.  This cabin is significantly northeast of the volcano but still got a fair dusting.

This is my uncle Craig sweeping the roof and the bush.

I swear there’s a photo of me sweeping this porch, but I cannot find it.

Now here are photos that my grandfather took from his airplane flying near the volcano later in 1980.  You can really see the damage.

Here is a photo I took when we visited in 2008.

I am fascinated enough about this eruption I did read this book about it 3 years ago.  I would recommend it.

I did give my brother a Mount St. Helens glass for Christmas. I hope he likes it and perhaps drinks a toast to the mountain with it today.

This eruption was a major event in our lives.  It is nice to stop and remember it, the feelings as awe at the powers of nature and the sadness for all that was destroyed.

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  1. The day I graduated from high school in Nebraska, and started westward to Spokane with my dad and step-mom for my annual summer visit. The ash was really thick in Spokane!

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