So despite all of the rain over the weekend, the cut grass did not look too bad on Monday morning.  Here is Tom checking it out.

checking cut grass


So we decided to try to rake it and see what happens.  If nothing else, we can see if our rake works.  Here is Tom checking it out.  He replaced a couple of tines, and more will need to be replaced.

And here is the video he sent me from his phone.  It worked really well.

Unfortunately it rained again yesterday so it is not likely that this cut grass can be saved as hay.  But we are learning how to use the equipment.  Next is getting the baler working.

Here are photos of some of the critters (the chicks roosting, the cat sleeping and Dete eating).

roosting chicksroosting chicks_2Chloe sleeping on couchDete eating grass

PS  I survived my endoscopy yesterday, but nothing obvious on the scope.  So I am waiting for biopsy results.

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6 Responses to Raking

  1. Jeanne says:

    The raking video is neat! Love the sound of the rake! I don’t know enough about such things – since you can’t use it as hay, what can you do with it?

    I hope you had a good day today.

    • Donna says:

      Hi Jeanne. We are not sure what we are going to go with the cut grass. It is an experiment at this point and learning for the second cutting.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Hi Donna! Would it be possible for you to either post or email me a picture or two of that beautiful tri-color kitty? Marlys and I are both fascinated by her. We used to have a gorgeous one, but she didn’t have any of the tabby markings that yours has. Ours was named Phoebe. What’s yours?

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