Seeing the Grandkids for the First Time in Months

They came over today, and it was really nice for all involved.  And William got to see the new quad that Tom had bought for him and is working on.  It was a surprise as we had not told him about it.  Here he is seeing it for the first time.

Here he is sitting on it the first time.

He pushed it out of the garage.

Here are Jay and Piper watching.

I got the idea to have Tom pull this quad (which has electrical issues) with his quad.  That proved to be a great idea.  William got to practice steering it and braking while Tom could supervise and control the speed..

Here is Piper on the quad with William.  Steve also had a great day.

Piper seeing the pigs for the first time.

Tom and William headed out to the back forty (four) acres.

Piper checked out the donkeys.

Tom and William discussed the ride.

Then it was time to take Luther out.

Then it was time to take my bike out.

Steve enjoyed playing Frisbee which he does in his own way.

Here are all the ATVs that were pulled out for William.

Piper enjoyed crawling from the back porch to the laundry room and kitchen.  She is very close to walking.

Then it was time for William to try out his Honda 50 with training wheels.

He took a short ride and got nervous.  Piper then got to sit on it with Jay.

William went back to getting pulled around on the quad, which he clearly prefers.

He then sat on the tractor and asked Tom questions about it.

Then it was time to sit on the quads and shoot the breeze with grampa.

Tom imitated a wheelie on the quad for William’s benefit.

William showing off his quad maneuvers for Piper.

He went to the kitchen and wrote out his name with the magnets.

Piper continued to enjoy crawling around the kitchen.

It was then time to go home.  William was not thrilled with the idea and is already trying to come back tomorrow.  It was so great seeing all three of them again, and I think the feeling was mutual.  It has been a hard pandemic, but particularly for kids that do not understand why they cannot visit.  So this was great.  The goal is to have the quad working by Father’s Day.

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2 Responses to Seeing the Grandkids for the First Time in Months

  1. Jeanne says:

    You have such beautiful grandkids! It was fun to look at the pictures and videos. What did Piper think of the pigs?
    L I was a bit surprised that William got nervous about riding the motorbike with training wheels. But he’s just a little guy, so it’s okay. – you have a very nice bike!!

    Have a good day!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne. I think Piper liked the pigs but liked the donkeys betters since she could touch them. That motorcycle is pretty powerful with a sensitive throttle. I thin it made him nervous how quickly it took off. Plus it is hard to steer with the training wheels. He needs to be able to touch the ground with his feet to get rid of those wheels though so it will be a bit. He was much more comfortable on the little quad but we shall see once it has its own power. It was a fun day though, watching them.

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