Tom found our Cotswold ewe Dete dead today.  This morning she appeared OK, but this afternoon she was dead in the field.  We are not sure why.  We bought her December 2009 from Nancy Wilkinson.  Nancy had been diagnosed with ALS and was dispersing her flock.  I took Dete in an effort to help.  Nancy died in 2012, but we tried to give Dete a nice sheep life.  We have the grandkids today so I do not have time to write about her but thought I would post photos of her,

1209 dete

0211 Dete

0412 Dete lamb Lambikins

0313 Dete going out

1216 Jemima, Bambam, Moll, Mutiny and Dete front to back

0517 Dete face

0218 Dete

0318 Dete

1218 Dete in Morning light

0319 Dete, our fattest sheep, on the stand

1119 Dete

0620 Dete eating grass

Rest in peace Dete.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry about your loss of Dete. She was beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all her pictures. Did she have good quality wool?

    How many sheep do you have now?

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne. She was beautiful. She had good Cotswold wool. I like to make rugs woven with her locks. I have one last fleece from her that I think I will keep just to make another rug from her. I will miss her. The only white sheep I had recently. We are down to 19 sheep now. At our highest number we had around 50.

  2. edochie99 says:


  3. FullyFleeced says:

    So sorry Donna. Rest in peace, Dete.

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