Winthrop Blues Weekend.

So the Winthrop Rhythm and Blues was canceled due to COVID-19 this year. We have gone every year since 2004. It would have been this last weekend. It is usually my time of year to let loose and party with friends and family. I had big plans to do a Blues Ranch #2 instead, but my uncertain health forced us to cancel those plans. But we forged ahead anyway to have a nice bluesy vacation.

It was Tom’s last minute idea to drive over the North Cascades pass. We went over Wednesday afternoon when recently we had been going over early Thursday morning. Here we are heading down the road.

Here are the scenes from the beautiful drive.

We were listening to the Blues using Tom’s iPhone. Most of the artists we had seen at Winthrop.

We drove by the Blues Ranch. It was just not the same. There were some RVs parked near the river though.

We drove through the town of Winthrop. I hope our favorite businesses will survive. There were a fair amount of tourists there, but sadly many were not wearing masks.

We stopped in Twisp so we could get some supplies. Again a fair number of people were not wearing masks.

I did spot this cool motorcycle in the parking lot. A man who is a regular at Winthrop Blues hopped on it and rode away.

We then headed down the mighty Columbia. It was beautiful but hot. It was very sad to see that Orondo Cider Works was closed.

We then went to Cashmere to a well rated taco truck there. Tom ordered take out dinner for us while I entertained Steve in the apple plant’s parking lot.

I got Carne Asada, and Tom got a burrito. This was an excellent dinner.

We then went over Blewett Pass to our vintage Boles trailer in the mountains. Here we are arriving at 7:30.

Steve was let loose and immediately got quite dirty. These are photos of him Thursday morning having a great time.

Thursday is usually the day that we set up camp at the Blues Ranch. In the afternoon we usually check out the other camp sites and all of the decorations.

So I brought my miniSpinner. I have been involved with Tour de Fleece since June 27 on Ravelry’s My Favorite Sheep’s team. My goal was to spin all of my mioget Shetland roving from Jocko and his sons Harlem and Bambam using my Jocko wheel. I also wanted to practice spindle spinning. I brought my miniSpinner to finish the challenge. Here it is on our deck about to be unpacked.

Here is my view from our deck where I continued spinning my mioget wool. It was quite windy Thursday and Friday afternoons so the deck was relatively protected.

I did get the last of it spun.

So we were trying to honor Winthrop Blues so I brought some of my favorite shirts from there and wore one each day.

We had chipmunk friends with us too.

Tom had an incident with wiring a solar LED light that almost went very badly. Here is the resulting fried wire. I think of it as a work of art.

Normally on Friday we would head into Winthrop, have lunch at Three Fingered Jack’s and ship at out favorite businesses. In the evening we would set up our festival chairs and check out the music in the beer garden.

So this Friday I told Tom I would ply away. In the morning the wind was calm so I set up on the picnic table while Tom did some tractor work.

The afternoon was windy so Tom held up in the door to his shed.

We continued to listen to the Blues while we hung out, had a Mint Julep, cooked dinner and then had an evening fire.

Usually Saturday we would spend catching the musical acts and hopping in the river to cool off.

This Saturday morning I was back at the picnic table. I was done with the mioget Shetland roving so decided to spin some naturally dyed Shetland roving I had left over from a Fair Isle class I had gone to years ago. I had a chipmunk friend and a glass of my plum wine in the afternoon.

My father had joined us that morning, and my brother and his partner joined in the afternoon. She is learning to spin and brought her wheel. I tried to give her some spinning advice.

The guys were working on setting up a flushing toilet and sink which is very much appreciated.

Here is my spinning progress from Saturday.

I made some predinner Mojitos, and Tom cooked us an amazing smoked pork chops and brauts dinner.

We stayed up and talked as well as watched the comet Neowise. Tom got some great photos on his camera that I will have to share later.

Normally Sunday would be a repeat of Saturday at Winthrop Blues.

This Sunday morning Steve continued to be horribly teased by the chipmunks, but he loved it.

I plied my dyed Shetland singles. I am happy with the results.

Steve was completely exhausted. Everyone else left so it was quiet. Tom did some riding.

So at 4:30 Sunday afternoon we got ready for virtual Winthrop. First I made French 75 cocktails.

So I made a hot spot with my phone, and my lap top tuned into the virtual Winthrop Blues. Everything was solar powered too.

This was Hector Anchondo. I guess he would have been the opening acoustic act.

This is Chubby Carrier doing Zydeco.

This is Vanessa Collier who we love and were really looking forward to see at Winthrop.

Below is Too Slim. He only did one song which was disappointing, and he didn’t finish the festival like he normally does.

This is my favorite song from Southern Avenue although they were all great.

This is Lady A, Polly O’Keary, Tommy Cook and David Miller.

Today we packed up and left. This is the longest trip I had had to the Boles so far. And I was sad to leave. It was not Winthrop, but I had a great time anyway.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry the rhythm and blues was cancelled. I’m sure it waa very disappointing for you and a lot of others.

    We took that trip over the North Cascades Hwy once and were really impressed. The scenery is exquisite!I

    I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend, though. You did a great job on your spinning!!

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    wow- you guys covered a lot of ground! I love that Steve had so much fun chasing chipmunks 🙂 And nice work in the Tour de Fleece spinning. How much mioget wool did you get spun in all?

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