Sweet Peas, Hay Loft & Trying to Protect the Chicks

I am tired, sore and slow today.  But I was able to do a few things.  I was able to admire the sweet peas.

I was able to photograph the hay in the hay loft.

hay loft hay


And I was able to string colorful yarns over the area that the older “chicks” live to try to prevent more eagle carnage.  I threw synthetic balls of yarn out of the middle window of the hay loft down to the chick area and then string them to the surrounding hog panels.

streamers from the back

This is the side view.  I also added another hog panel to where these “chicks” were sneaking through to get to the pasture.  My hope is that they will tend to stay in their pen, and the yarns will discourage the eagles from eating them.

streamers from the sideJPG

One was killed while we were gone, and per the farm sitter it did look like an eagle attack.  Another went completely missing last night.  We have 8 of these older “chicks” left.

We still have 12 in a pen in the barn.  My hope is that this system will work, and in a few days I can release those “chicks” into this area as well.

In the past, we housed pheasants and ducks in this pen with netting over the top (which the tall poles supported), but whenever it snowed heavily the netting would be destroyed.  The hope is that this will be effective and possibly more long lasting.  We shall see.  I thought the colors were interesting anyway, and a good use of my unwanted stash.

PS I also was able to mail a sold wool fleece off and shuck and freeze our peas.  I also finished The Grouchy Historian by Ed Asner.  It was an interesting book about the U.S. Constitution.  I liked it.

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4 Responses to Sweet Peas, Hay Loft & Trying to Protect the Chicks

  1. Jeanne says:

    You were really quite busy, and accomplished a lot! I would not have thought of stringing brightly colored out like that. That’s a great idea! I really hope you don’t lose any more!!

    • Donna says:

      I am not sure the colors will help with the eagles but hoping the yarn will keep them from wanting to land in the pen. I really hope we do not lose any more. This is so sad.

  2. Chloe says:

    I do love reading about your farm happenings.

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