Emergency Corn Shucking, Quarantine Kids and Cow Hoof Trimming

On Wednesday I noticed that our corn was being eaten.  What I saw was low to the ground so we suspect the rabbits.  So we quickly picked all of the ripe corn and set up a game camera by the stalks.  I also noticed that the Steller’s jays have been eating the sunflowers.  This is all right as I planted them for the birds.  But we did not plant the corn for the rabbits. 

We had a busy day and were not planning on shucking.  But we set up on the back porch in the evening.  Tom brought his laptop out with Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids playing on youtube, we grilled shish kabobs (with our pork steaks, onion, red pepper and potatoes) and shucked.

After shucking I tried to dance with Bellamy (the girl).  It was hard to keep up, but it was a good workout.  I did donate to their tip jar, rewarding them for the joy they have given us in our quarantine.  After dancing and dinner I froze the corn.   So today was cow hoof trimming day.  I had tried for years to find someone to come over to trim our cows.  Once I mentioned our number of cows or that they are part Highland I was always told no.  But I finally found a cow hoof trimmer who was willing to come out.  And today was the day.  Here he is pulling through our pasture to our alleyway by the barn.   We had our four cows in the barn, trying to keep them calm with hay and grain.  Once he was set up, Marji came our first.  Since she is 7 years old and never had her hooves trimmed, it was badly needed.  

Here is Tom’s view.

Next was Sonja. Then came Bug.   As Bug is Marji’s daughter, Marji was concerned about her being trimmed.   Last was Maddie.   Sonja and Maddie used to be friends, but recently they have been sparring.  But despite this, Sonja was concerned while Maddie was being trimmed.   The equipment left, the cows were moved and the gates were all closed.  The only evidence was some cow poop and hoof trimmings in the alleyway.  It all took about 1/2 hour.   I did give some bread slices to the cows in reward.  They should be walking more comfortably now.

Health Update:  I survived my stress echocardiogram and had normal results.  So no evidence of pulmonary hypertension.  Next up is a brain MRI on 9/11 (for my right facial numbness), my 7th COVID testing on 9/14, and pulmonary function testing on September 16.  The prednisone is not helping that I can detect yet.  I am starting to wonder more and more if this could by “Long COVID” and perhaps I did have COVID as well as Norovirus in February or maybe when I was so ill in mid-March.  There is so little information available about it, that it is hard to know.  But if I do not have another answer by then I will talk to my pulmonologist about this.

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8 Responses to Emergency Corn Shucking, Quarantine Kids and Cow Hoof Trimming

  1. FullyFleeced says:

    congrats on finding someone to do the cow hooves! looks like a pretty cool little mobile pedicure salon he’s got 🙂 Have you ever gotten a covid antibody test? or just the one that tests for active virus?

    • Donna says:

      Thanks. This is the only time of year a big trailer like that can go in our pasture so it all worked out. I did get the antibody test but not until late May.

  2. sanebishop says:

    Hope your test go well and they can figure out what’s going on. Those shish kabobs sound good right about now.

  3. Cottontailfarm says:

    Had no clue. How do the cows feel about having their feet handled and hooves trimmed? Maddie looks… confused? I never saw that on my grandparent’s farm but they were beef cattle so maybe didn’t get old enough to need it?
    Hope you can find some answers soon as to what’s going on, it seems like you’ve felt poorly for a very long time now.

    • Donna says:

      They did not like it at all. We have really soft ground so their hooves were getting long, particularly Marji’s. These are beef cattle too and two of the younger ones are destined to be beef within the next year. But I knew I couldn’t get anyone out for 2 cows so all 4 got done.
      I hope I get answers too but I also want something treatable.

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