I was scheduled to take a class in Seattle today, but it was canceled 2 days ago. I believe it was canceled related to the surging pandemic here. I had planned to visit my grandmother’s grave on this trip and had already bought flowers for her. I was disappointed in this so Tom offered to drive me down there in his hot rod. So here are the flowers at her grave.

Does it look better with the flowers? We decided to visit my great grandparents there as well. Here is the sign on the door.

It looks like they are having issues with the roof leaking.

But their graves look good. Once again I forgot to bring flowers for them. Not a very good great granddaughter, I am afraid.

It was nice to get out of the house safely. Their cemetery is quite beautiful.

We did get a few supplies while we were briefly in the city too. Our favorite cider store is closed due to the pandemic so we went to a chain store. So overall this was a good way to spend a gloomy afternoon in these COVID times.

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6 Responses to COVID Times

  1. So much is out of synch these days! Keep safe.

  2. Jeanne says:

    It can really be difficult now. No fun at all. I’m glad you got out to visit your grandparent’s grave sites, though.

    I hope your class in Seattle will be re-scheduled.

    I really don’t like these shorter days. Since we live in the west end of our small town, with hills close by, it really does get dark early. The sun has gone behind the hills already, at 4:45. Phooey!

    • Donna says:

      It is tough. My last house was behind a hill and was darker and colder. No fun. Here the hill is to the north. It is very difficult now (particularly with work) with no end in sight. Stay safe Jeanne. This is a horrible virus.

  3. Amy Stone says:

    Thanks for bringing those beautiful flowers! 🌼

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