2020 Continues To Suck

This is a little song bird that was caught in our greenhouse the other day. Fortunately I was able to show him out with some effort.

This morning this huge bird flew out from a tree right by our barn and landed on a tree by the road.  Here is the best photo I could get of him.  We are thinking it may be a young bald eagle but was curious if anyone knows what it is.  I think it was looking for a chicken breakfast.

We are out of donuts so I tried giving the pigs English muffins with strawberry syrup on top.

They didn’t eat the muffins and ended up with the syrup on their ears so it looks like they are bleeding.

So the news is that Tom twisted his knee while he was carrying firewood to the hot tub Friday evening.  He felt like he was good enough to do the chores yesterday while I was at work.  But it ended up taking him 3 1/2 hours and I think he injured his knee further.  Now he can’t walk.  So tomorrow we will be visiting our doctor.  But it looks like I will be doing all of the chores for the foreseeable future and he may be facing knee surgery.  

Here is a copy of our Christmas cards going out tomorrow:


It is complete with a typographical error and a long run on sentence.

My only hope now is that this is just a bad year and not a bad decade.

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7 Responses to 2020 Continues To Suck

  1. kapperkay says:

    I hope for all of our sakes that 2021 is the year of recovery and renewal – it just HAS to be!!! Great card, by the way
    Best wishes to your family and I hope Tom gets better quickly!

  2. What kapperkay said – all of it!

  3. mcfwriter says:

    Not a young bald eagle – they are solid brown and this girlie looks like she has a streaked breast. Probably a red tailed hawk based on the size description. The female raptors are larger than the males, so probably a female.

    So sorry about Tom’s knee – hope it’s not anything major and heals quickly.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks for the bird info Maureen. I didn’t see the classic red tail hawk tail but only briefly saw it flying. As for Tom, I suspect a meniscus injury and surgery in his near future.

  4. FullyFleeced says:

    Gah!!! 2020 can’t be over soon enough. So sorry to hear about Tom’s knee 🙁

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