Our Saturday

Tom went fishing this morning as it was the first day of lake trout fishing here. I did the animal chores, gardening and puppy sitting chores. This afternoon I probably should have listened to my body and taken it easier, but I decided to bake instead.

I still have some Beremeal to use up before it expires. First I made these Birsay Biscuits recipe from the mill’s website. Here it is rolled out and ready for cutting. I have not had biscuit cutters. I always used jar lids and other substitutes. So for my birthday I bought myself biscuit cutters. Here they are ready for their first task!

Here is the Beremeal and regular flour I used.

Below are the biscuits cooked. The challenge is that the bottom element of the oven gave up the ghost ( for the second time). So I had to get creative. I used broil to heat the oven and preheat to try to maintain the temperature. We are about to give up on this stove which has never been reliable.

Tom’s cookie jar is empty so I decided to make Martha Stewart’s Rosemary Butter Cookies. We have enough fresh Rosemary now. They are supposed to chill inside of two paper towel tubes. I only had one so I substituted 2 toilet paper rolls for the second tube.

I was struggling with the oven so the first batch got a little brown on the top.

The second batch was better.

I had started the bread dough for Beremeal Bread Rolls in the bread machine. Then I tried to let them prove (rise) and baked them. Here they are after baking.

Tom brought home 2 trout (and released two). He got them ready for our dinner.

We used our favorite trout recipe and grilled some of our corn to make our dinner.

Unfortunately the dinner rolls were not good. But the rest of the dinner was great as were the biscuits and cookies. Now I am watching the Mariners at Boston to a weirdly empty park while listening to KNKX All Blues.

Pandemic times.

Now the obligatory Ryeleigh photo with her ears somehow flipped back

I hope you all had great Saturdays. Mine was good.

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4 Responses to Our Saturday

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my! You had quite a day! I hope you can get a new stove soon. It’s no fun trying to bake with a stove that ‘s not cooperating!

    It’s nice that Tom had good luck with his fishing. I’m sure you enjoyed your dinner.

    I had to smile at Ryeleigh with her ears inside out! Rico’s do that too, but look totally different. It always amazes me that it doesn’t bother them! Rico’s ears can’t decide if they want to stand up sraight, or tip over! They’re cute either way!

    Have a good day!

  2. FullyFleeced says:

    Was wondering- where did you purchase the beremeal from? I went to the mill website and it indicated that they only ship within the UK. Is there a distributor in the US?

    • Donna says:

      I actually got it from amazon.com last November. It doesn’t look like they are still selling ti though. That’s too bad.


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