Eagle and Fire

Yesterday Tom noticed a juvenile bald eagle in the back of one of our fields.  He thought maybe it was eating something, and then we were wondering if it was injured.  He walked toward it, and it flew onto this gate.  Then flew away.  It seemed to be fine, and there was no carcass there.  So we just figured it was figuring out how to fly.


But then later in chores, I turned toward the front of our barn and a juvenile bald eagle flew away from there.  I think it was hunting our chickens, but fortunately the door on the barn was shut at that moment so the chickens were safely in the barn.  We made the decision to keep that door shut to minimize the chances that our chickens are outside.  They can still fly out of the front of the barn and the back door of the barn is open, but there is more fencing there that should discourage a large eagle.  I kicked the old sheep and goats from the barn as well as the geese.  They are not too thrilled about it, but the weather is decent for the moment.  As of today it seems to be working.  It doesn’t appear that we have lost any more chickens.  I didi have to do an emergency repair on the netting above the “chicks” though, putting me behind schedule for the umpteen chores this time of year.

Today Tom, Steve, Ryeleigh and I went to meet a new dog sitter in Mount Vernon.  On the way back we noticed this:


We got off on the Cook Road interchange, and Tom turned on the scanner.  They mentioned a brush fire, and three fire districts were called out.  At the interchange we noticed a fire vehicle headed that way with sirens going.


As we headed home the fire became more ominous.


Thankfully after this the central portion seemed to clear like they were starting to put it out.  It was a brush fire on Kelleher Road, just the other side of the hill from us.  Per a comment on Skagit Breaking, it was started by a man mowing his field.  Last report it was 80% contained.  But there was a brief moment where I had to think about what I would need to grab for an evacuation.  This year kind of sucks.  I am trying to stay positive but man!!!  The cabin is still OK though so I will count my blessings.

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4 Responses to Eagle and Fire

  1. Oh my! Even a small brush fire is frightening right now.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Fires of any kind, that are not just used for a purpose, and are watched carefully, are so frightening. We’re thankful right now that the wildfire that is so close to us has been contained, and the evacuations have been lifted! We still have smoky air, because there are so many fires in our general area.

    That was an interesting bit about the young bald eagle. Can you explain to me what a jubilee bald eagle is? I’ve never heard that term before.

    Take care, and try to get enough rest.

    • Donna says:

      I am glad to hear your fires are subsiding. I am sorry you still have the smokey air. Our smoke is better anyway.
      There must be a typo. It was supposed to be juvenile bald eagle. I will see if I can fix it.

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