Mini Vaca to Tacoma

We traveled to Tacoma for this short trip.  Here is the view from our room at the Hotel Murano.


We headed north and saw this old Woolworth’s


and the office of our beloved radio station.


We were heading to the the McMenamins Elk Temple.  There we visited Doc’s Bar, Spanish Bar


and then (our favorite) The Old Hangout.


Tom got a Hurricane in a cool Kraken-like cup.


Then we ubered to the Tacoma Dome and saw Jackson Browne


and James Taylor.


It was a great evening.  Unfortunately I had a low battery iPhone, and we were not able to connect with Uber in the time that my battery allowed.  So we ended up walking back. We took a wrong turn and ended up in a homeless encampment but figured our way back.  It was actually beautiful crossing the bridge with blown glass art and passing by museums to our hotel.

This morning we headed to our favorite Tacoma breakfast spot, the Hob Nob.  Here is a stump sculpture nearby.


Then we headed home.  We did visit my gramma’s grave en route (as well as the great grandparents).


And we arrived home 10 minutes short of 24 hours.  So it was a short but eventful trip.

PS And this afternoon I got a new battery put in my iPhone!

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2 Responses to Mini Vaca to Tacoma

  1. Jeanne says:

    What a fun little trip! I’ve heard Jackson Browne and I think I’ve heard James Taylor too. Are you surprised?!

    I think I’ve been on that bridge with the blown glass… It must be the one near the Chihuly Glass Museum. It was so fascinating! We visited the Chihuly Glass place too. That was QUITE a while ago!

    That stump sculpture is interesting. I would like to see that in person. – Was the homeless camp scary?

    It’s good that you got a new battery for your phone.

    • Donna says:

      It was a fun little trip, Jeanne! I am a little surprise you heard of Jackson Browne over James Taylor. The latter is more folksy than rock. I am glad you have been on that bridge. Everyone needs to, but in the middle of the night is best. The museum is great too. We have seen it on a previous trip. The stump statue is worth visiting as well. All stumps should be carved in a similar fashion. We were nervous in the homeless camp but only saw three peeple, two of which ignored us, and one was nice so we probably shouldn’t have been. But at midnight in a homeless camp is a little scary. I am sorry. I know if I were homeless and desperate I would do things I wouldn’t do now as a person living in comfort. It is all so incredibly sad. By the grace of god is what I say. Tom and I are both glad I got a new battery. But if it just to avoid the homeless, I am not sure that is a good reason.

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