Flooding Update Part 2

Here is our rain gauge just after noon today, with the rain still coming down hard.


But the flood waters in our front pasture had receded a little.


Tom ventured out to Hickson to get more sandbags.  This is F&S Road near Prairie

F&S near Prairie Road

This is Grip Road near Prairie.

Grip Road near Prairie

This is the Samish River raging near there.

Samish River flooding

This is a flooded home near Hickson.

Flooded house by Hickson

This is heading back on Prairie Road.

Samish River

He decided to go get some gas for the truck, just in case.  Here he is coming north on Highway 99 heading back home.  Belleville Honey is quite flooded.

Belleville looking north

And here he is driving north on Highway 99.  The waves are lapping on the shoulder of the highway, eroding it further.

Here are the second batch of sandbags.

more sandbags

This is the back of the barn with more sandbags.

more sandbags in back of the barn

Our geese are the only ones happy today.

Happy geese

Here is the front of the barn with additional sandbags.  Tom says we stacked 40 bags.  Pretty good for a 56 year old lady with a still sprained ankle, adrenal insufficiency and long COVID.

More sandbags in front of barn

Now it is just a waiting game.  Is the rate of water entering our farm exceeding the amount leaving it through a 30 inch culvert under Prairie Road or not?  Will the rain hold off?  Will we keep our power with all the wind and saturated tree roots?  Will our road stay open?  Will we need to evacuate our animals onto coyote infested land?  How much of the hay in our hay barn are we going to lose?  just

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5 Responses to Flooding Update Part 2

  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s just too scary! I’m going to be praying until you say you don’t need it!
    Just hang in there!

  2. Denise says:

    so relieved to hear that the waters appear to be receding. really hope we’re through the worst of it.

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