Our Flood Watch

has ended for the moment. We have survived the second of the three predicted atmospheric rivers.

Here is the flooding yesterday morning in our front pastures.

1128 AM flooding

This is our hay barn a little later in the day.


Here are the foggy trees on the hill to the southeast.  

foggy trees

In the afternoon the flood waters were creeping closer to the barn.


Here is our rain gauge in the afternoon.  

1128 rain gauge

And the view from the barn’s front door.  We contemplated replacing the sand bags, but it looked like the rain was going to ease.  It didn’t very quickly, but it did die down finally.  

1128 PM flood waters creeping up to barn

And here is the view this morning:

1129 morning

And the rain gauge.  Much better.  

1129 rain gauge

In other news, look what Tom found today:

Dr J Hostetter Stomach Bitters bottlePretty cool, huh?

In even more news, we still have some pork and beef for sale.  Let me know if you are interested.  

Last news, I had pumpkin chipotle soup this evening using our pumpkin, canned tomatoes, parsley, and chicken broth.  It was so good!!!

Now we wait for the third atmospheric river but last I saw, it was supposed to head further north.



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4 Responses to Our Flood Watch

  1. lizzyrn says:

    The bottle is awesome! That soup sounds amazing! I’d need to replace the chicken broth with veggie, but YUM!!

    I hope you all stay warm and dry.

  2. Jeanne says:

    That’s a lot of rain! I hope you don’t get any more! At least not that much!

    So…. Where did Tom find that fantastic old bottle?!? It l looks so clean! – Marlys and I just had a conversation about stomach bitters.

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