More Snow

Yesterday wasn’t quite as cold.  I got an early start on chores as we had a veterinary appointment for Ryeleigh in the morning.  I hadn’t pointed out that this snow took down the netting on our “pheasant pen”.  When the snow melts we will have to deal with that.

As I was doing the chores the sun started shining on the trees.

And here is the sun making an appearance at 8:59 AM.

The cows have frosty faces.

I have been worried about Marji (the black one) not eating enough.  Initially she didn’t seem interested.  But then I put some grain on the hay, and she started eating better.

I think Big Orange might have some frostbite on his comb and waddles.

We were able to get the chores done and to the vet in time.  It was just her one year check up and rabies shot.  She did well.  We were able to rescue my car which I left at work when Tom picked me up last Sunday.  I was able to get some groceries as well but did get stuck briefly trying to pull out of the parking lot.  And then got stuck again in our driveway.  Happy to have the car home, but I will not be driving again for a bit.

Overnight it snowed another 6 inches.  This was enough weight to collapse the tarp shelter for our farm equipment.  Another project for when the snow melts.

The icicles on the front porch were impressive again before I knocked them down.

This one is particularly large.

It was really hard for us to get motivated to deal with the snow and ice again.  But there was some good news.  The “freeze-proof” barn faucet had unfrozen with the milder temperature.  We now don’t have to lug water as far.

The animals are still all alive, which surprises me a bit.  Yesterday I was worried because some of my thinnest ones did not want to eat.  But today they did better.  So we will just keep trying.

Here is the greenhouse with an impressive amount of snow in front of it.  I raked off the roof again as best I could.

The spools in the garden are carrying an impressive amount of snow.

Tom proceeded to rake snow off of the trailer, back porch, garage and two carports roofs.  I swept off the truck and busted the ice off of the front porch.

Here is the front yard today after the newest round of snow.  The trees are really weighted down with it.

So this is getting old, and I am so completely exhausted.  Not sure how long we can do this.  And on top of it all, the freezer in our kitchen refrigerator appears to have stopped working.  There is no way we can get a new one delivered now so this will be interesting.

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4 Responses to More Snow

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my goodness! Do you know about how much snow you have by now? My guess is that we got about a foot and a half, maybe a little more. We didn’t get much snow or rain today. Nor sunshine, either!

    I haven’t been out of the house, except onto the front porch, since Christmas Eve. Right now, the driveway isn’t too safe for me. I hope I’ll be able to go to church Sunday morning. I have to get out on Monday, since that’s when I must go for my post–op appointment, and finally get the bandage removed and also the staples. I’ve had a lot of trouble with itching from the clear tape. (Can’t remember what the name of it is.)

    The piles of snow on your spools in the garden are downright awesome! So are/were your icicles!

    I really enjoyed your photos today.

    Take care,

    • Donna says:

      We are guessing 1 1/2 feet as well. I am glad you haven’t been out of the house. Way too slippery for a post-op person. I hope you are able to go to church tomorrow, but be careful! Tegaderm is the name of one type of clear tape. I do hope you make it to your appointment to get rid of the staples and bandage. One more step toward normalcy. I am glad you are enjoying the winter wonderland photos. We are quite tired of it.

  2. Ruth Terry (Auntie) says:

    Hi Donna! The snow and icicles are sure impressive, but I am trying to imagine how tired you must
    be of it and the cold! I do feel for y’all with all the work you HAVE to do, plus the work that is thrown your way by all the snow! Poor animals, too! Hang in there, and here’s hoping it gets better real soon! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the new year – and that 2022 is better than the last two by FAR!!!!!!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Aunt Ruthie! I am still tired although the snow is melting. I sure hope 2022 is better. It is not starting out that way though.

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