Spring Sprang Yesterday

It was warm (almost 70 degrees) and sunny.  The days prior were cloudy but comfortable as well.  So it was time for spring farm projects!  One project for me was to fix the carrot tub.  We had cut a free but no longer usable cedar hot tub in half a while ago and have been growing carrots in it.  But last year our entire carrot harvest was eaten by rodents underground.  So I had the idea of putting a metal mesh underneath the soil to keep the rodents out.  The first step though was digging out the soil, revealing the sad state of the tub.

Meanwhile Tom mowed the yard for the first time this year and worked on fixing the shearing stand.  It had broken under the tremendous weight of some of our goats.

Our possible peacock was showing off.

And we decided to bring the dogs out to our back forty (actually four) acres.  They love it so much, so much to explore and sniff.

The view of the barn from the back of the property is different.

But then yesterday the sun showed itself, really highlighting the colors of our potential peacock.

We started the day with spring goat maintenance with the repaired stand.  It involves checking the condition of the goats, trimming their hooves and giving copper boluses.  Shorty was the first to go.

After goat maintenance (and lunch) I took some time to notice the magnolia blooming, so pretty!

Meanwhile Tom decided that the garden was dry enough for rototilling.


Afterwards it was time for doggy petting.

I had been skirting the last of the younger sheep’s fleeces, more on that later.  But then I finished working on the carrot tub.  I used my Grampa White’s snips to cut the mesh.  These are the best!

I decided to put a tarp over the mesh and under the soil.  I am concerned about heavy metals from the mesh contaminating the carrots so decided to use a tarp.  It certainly isn’t organic any longer, but I cannot abide by rodents eating my carrots every year.

Today was mostly cloudy and much cooler.  There has been some talk of snow this weekend.  So our brief Spring appears to be over for now.  It is nice that we got some chores done before whatever comes next.

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6 Responses to Spring Sprang Yesterday

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow! What an interesting post! I was very impressed with all the info and pictures.
    Your young peacock-hopeful is looking good. I wish I knew more about them.
    I like the picture of Shorty – it gives a good idea of the size of those goats. How many goats do you have?
    Your idea of the carrot tub is really interesting! I hope it works out well.
    The magnolia blossom is beautiful.
    Hoping your weekend is going well!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Only six goats left?! That’s not good! Maybe you should breed again? Knowing how much you love those goats, you don’t really want them all to die off, do you?

    I hope your re-do of the carrot tub will work out well.

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