Boles Trip

We went to our vintage Boles Aero trailer in the mountains this last week.  Tom brought the trailer he built with his quad and Pearl who he sold to my father.

Once we arrived and got things situated, we watch a youtube video about fixing up a 1972 Boles Aero trailer.  Unfortunately he took out all of the cool vintage aspects of it (in my opinion).  But we was creative with the electrical and plumbing systems so we thought that was interesting.  Sadly he sold it after all of that work only about 1 month ago for a 5th wheel.

We brought the dogs, of course.  

I decided that I was tired of walking the same portions of the land repeated times so I explored other area, discerning the property borders.  Above is one of the creeks on the property.

The meadowlarks were really active.

There were quite a few squalls with interesting cloud formations.

My father joined us.  Him and Tom worked at gathering wood and creating fires for summer fire prevention.  My brother and Sue joined us later as well.

After this hike, the puppy got really tired and needed a nap.  She was having the hardest time getting the bed right though.

I brought a Ukrainian flag I got from Ukrainian Flags for Solidarity.

For Cinco de Mayo I made Margaritas.  We also had pork tacos.

These were large elk tracks in the road.  I later saw a group of female elk briefly.  And then two bull elk came close to our trailer on our last evening.

The dogs and I walked and walked.  On May 6 we went 7.1 miles, and there is a lot of elevation changes in these walks as well.  I was feeling pretty good, not nearly as short of breath as I have been.  I did slow down when my heart rate got too high.

After one of the hikes, I made some tea for myself and served it in my Grampa White’s dishes.  I discovered that there are California Ceramic Dogwood Orchard Ware and worth a little money.

You can barely see Tom and his quad on the other side of this ravine.

This is a waterfall on the land.  I am not sure you can see it, but it was so windy, the water was spraying uphill.

I did have a mint julep, and we watched the Kentucky Derby.  What a race!!!

I did get some knitting done there and on the way home on Sunday.

I didn’t have much time to unpack and do some quick farm chores before getting ready for work on Monday.  Unfortunately in my rush, I ended up getting stung by two of my bees.  So I took Benadryl to minimize the swelling (as I tend to swell quite  a bit with bee stings).  But this knocked me out, and I was unable to finish my blog post.  So here it is belatedly.

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4 Responses to Boles Trip

  1. Jeanne says:

    That was quite a trip. I enjoyed the pictures. That little waterfall is really pretty.

    I’m sorry you were stung by the bees. I have experienced problems with bee stings, too. I used to get them on the soles of my bare feet when I was young. The worst time was when I was picking peaches, and grabbed one that had two bees on the other side. They both stung me on my middle finger, and it caused a lot of swelling. Of course we had nothing to take for it.

    • Donna says:

      I am glad that you enjoyed the photos. The waterfall was nice but it was really cold at that moment. I should go there again when it is warmer. Bee stings aren’t fun.

  2. Michelle says:

    I think these are the prettiest views I’ve seen from your Boles visit! So glad to hear you were able to exercise so much without trouble; that’s good progress.

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