Lemon Balm

A while ago I had a recipe that called for lemon balm.  So I bought some, but then last year decided to plant some in a container by our back porch.  I should have known better because I had planted mint in a container by the back porch a few years ago, and now it is trying to take over our back yard.  Needless to say, the lemon balm is doing just fine, so I am trying to find ways of using it, a lot of it!

I had made some Lemon Balm Tea, although I added some black tea to it and skipped the honey. It is tasty.

This evening I started with a Lemon Balm Martini.  It was good, although strong.

I sipped on this while making Seared Lemon Balm Chicken.  The chicken, balm and green onion are from our farm.  I served it with a fruit salad made from our pears, peaches, blueberries and raspberries.  Also the last of our corn from last year.  And my blackberry wine.  So definitely a farm meal.  We barely remark on farm meals anymore when it used to be a big deal.  That is how far we have progressed with making our own food.  Pretty cool!  Anyway the chicken was really good.  We couldn’t really taste the lemon balm too much, but it was tasty and very spring-like.  So a great meal.

P.S.  I will post more about my Covid-19 experience once I know which was this is going, but so far it is up and down.  Sometimes I can do stuff, and sometimes I can barely get off the couch.  I suspect that the biggest issue is that it is messing with my adrenal insufficiency control so am trying to sort that out.  But so far nothing that is going to put me in the hospital, so that is good.  My aunt today suggested chicken soup.  So I have the leftover chicken carcass in the Instant Pot making broth as I type to make chicken soup tomorrow.  That seems like a great idea!

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8 Responses to Lemon Balm

  1. Washe Koda says:

    😉 Interesting. I planted ‘cat nip’ (also in the mint family) now spearmint inundates that part of the garden turning to nettle & skunk weed spreading into the yard (also in the mint family) I am going to mix a martini 🍸 grab the ’round-up’ & hoe and go weed the garden ❗️ ( I should have known better, Grandmas spearmint turned to ‘nettle 60 yrs ago outside the door at our cottage in northern Minnesota ) If I want to itch and scratch I’ll put on my winter woolly long johns (I hate nettle 🌿

    • Donna says:

      We have nettles everywhere here. I like nettle soup and pesto and it keeps critters out. But I sure have been stung plenty.

  2. Denise says:

    Thanks for the recipe links. I was just watching a video yesterday on the uses of Lemon Balm. I think I’ll try the tea tomorrow

  3. grosbeak57 says:

    Yep. Beware lemon balm, chamomile and oregano and CHIVES! You can tell I’m chickenless

  4. lizzyrn says:

    Firstly, I hope your COVID trajectory is on the general upward trend soon…

    When I read Lemon Balm, I instantly thought, “wow, that sounds amazingly soothing to put on my hands!” Clearly, I do not know my plants. Alli P at work is my “go to” gal for that.

    Hope to read you’re feeling better soon.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Liz! Lemon Balm is more like mint than a balm. I hope to give a positive update soon too. So far it continues to be up and down. Frustrating.

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