The Queen

died today.  I had never thought much about British royalty (and I didn’t even watch Diana’s wedding).  I didn’t understand the point of it all.  But then we went to England in May 2009.  We visited all of the usual sites in London including Buckingham Palace.

We noticed a small crowd collecting at the fence of the palace.  And we noticed these motorcycle police.

And then we noticed this fancy car pulling up.

And then we saw the Queen and Prince Phillip!  It felt like she was waving right at me (of course, she wasn’t).  But I got all a twitter over seeing her.  I have never had that reaction before seeing other stars or leaders.

I then felt the importance of a monarch, someone who is bred and raised to rule and who understands the history of the nation.  Someone who is generally respected and admired and brings the culture together.  Now I know this not universally true, but I have also since felt how her televised addresses to the nation during crises have helped calm fears and unite people.  I know there are tremendous downsides to the monarchy, and we went to war over them to gain our independence.  But I was so incredibly surprised by my reactions to seeing her, and I do not think I am alone.  She will be missed.

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  1. lizzyrn says:

    I agree! I generally don’t pay any attention whatsoever to Hollywood stars, professional athletes, politicians, etc. They generally do not represent the people well. Queen Elizabeth is/was in a category of her own. Her entire life was committed to her country; she did so with dignity. Imagine all she witnessed over her years? War, JFK, MLK, the list goes on. I think about how she became Queen the same year my husband was born. We never heard about any shenanigans either. I do agree, such an air of calm and grace. I like to believe she made the world a better place.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I appreciate what you wrote. When we lived in Canada for nine years, following our wedding in 1958, I really was immersed in all that went on, both locally in Canada, and in the UK. Whenever there was a public meeting, the Canadian national anthem was sung, as well as God Save the Queen. Even after a movie ended they expected everyone to stand and sing God Save the Queen. It was awesome. That was really nice that you and Tom got to visit England, and see the Queen and Prince Philip! We have a dear friend who married a Brit. She spends at least half the year in the UK, and the rest of the year back here in Oregon, where her family lives. I texted with her this morning for quite a while. I was always greatly impressed with the Queen, and really admired her. She was such a gracious lady, and did a fantastic job of leading her people. She will be missed.

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