Smokey Farming

This was the smoke map on Sunday morning which also shows the source of the majority of the haze.

But that morning you could see the sun trying to poke through.

The 14 Hatchery chickens are still alive.  I had to show them how to roost multiple nights, but they are figuring it out.  Unfortunately they like to walk around in the pasture which is not good due to the eagles.  Thankfully  the eagles do not seem to be hanging around.

The rented spreader did great.  Tom got it done on Sunday.


Here is a side view of Rory.  He is definitely a bull.

On a whim, I purchased a Rhododendron with the name Elizabeth.  So I planted it to honor the deceased queen.  Hopefully it will thrive as a reminder.

This is the very spooky, smokey sun on my way to work Monday morning.

Tuesday was smokey but less so.  I stopped wearing a mask to do chores.  The white tom turkeys are looking impressive.

Tom fixed one of our dilapidated gates.


Here is the old one, pretty sad.

Here is our camouflaged cow Sonja. I couldn’t see her until she stood up.

The pigs are enjoying mashed blackberries with their feed.

I had only recently noticed that Starsky has a pale spot on his snout.

Our neighbors are irrigating quite a bit.  When Tom dug the hole for the gate post, there was no water evident.  That is unusual for us.  We have a really shallow well that has not failed us yet.  Hopefully this drought will not cause us to lose our water supply.  We depend on it to keep our animals alive.

And I found a large pumpkin in our garden.  It is hard to tell from the photo, but this may be the largest pumpkin I have ever grown.  It should make a nice Jack-O-Lantern.

Today I picked blackberries all afternoon.  Steve was with me.  It is mighty dry out in the back of our property.

While I was picked blackberries in the far edge of our property, I notice two grey geese in our far back pasture.  They seemed friendly enough, but I have not idea how they got there. I herded them back toward the barn so they could get access to water.

And our geese greeted them  Hopefully it will all work out.

That is the news from our smokey farm (although it is getting better).

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2 Responses to Smokey Farming

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, my! You did have smoke. Ours got really bad on Friday and the sun looked a lot like your Monday morning photo. We were at level 2 on the evacuation scale, at that time. It was right after that that we left Oakridge.
    It’ll be interesting to see if those two gray geese decide to stay with you. They look pretty.
    I liked the picture of the pigs with their mashed blackberries in their feed.

    • Donna says:

      From what I saw on th map, you had worse Mike than us. I am glad you got out when you did. The geese seem happy here. Our geese have included them in the gaggle. The pigs enjoy the blackberries. Today there were pears on their menu which they also liked.

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