Whatcom Skagit Model Railroad Club Open House

Today we attended this open house in Alger, just north of us.  It was in this older building.

But inside was so incredible.  There were model railroads set up with historic local scenes with incredible intricacy.  It was started in 2004, but there have been no visitors during the pandemic until today.  Here is a train passing the Alger station.

This is the Cashmire lumber mill.

Here is a town scene.

And the train crossings work with a motorcycle in front of the crossing arm.

Here is an incredible trestle made from actual wood.

Here is a slag burner.

This is another view of the Cashmire mill. Check out the incredible detail!

I love the water features!

Finally I caught a train going over the wooden trestle!


Here is a train roundabout.

Here is a great town scene.  In some of the incredible details, there is Waldo and the Beatles.

Here is a closer view of the Beatles.

Tom was loving it too.

This is Union Station.

Here is lovely mountain scene.

Here is Twin City Food in Stanwood.

This is Burlington.

And a closer view.

Another impressive water view.

Here is a street view of Bellingham with incredible detail.

Then we went to the Alger church on the other side of the parking lot and checked out the Monson and Sheepscot River Railroad from Maine.  There was another roundabout.

You can see the incredible detail about how he recreated the buildings compared to the historic photos.

This railroad moved slate from a mine to the market.  Here is the amazing detail of the slate mine.

I would highly recommend this open house.  If you are within striking distance of these open houses, please go.  It is truly amazing.  The next ones are December 10 and 17, but more are listed after that on their website.

Now we are watching the Apple Cup.  Go Dawgs!!!!



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5 Responses to Whatcom Skagit Model Railroad Club Open House

  1. Oh my gosh, these are magnificent! I bet you felt like Gulliver!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I was totally entranced by your pictures of those train set-ups!! I’ve seen quite a few of things like those, but they weren’t nearly as extensive and well done as what you saw! I’m glad you and Tom got to see them and enjoy them!

    • Donna says:

      It was amazing! I am sure I would see a lot more if we were there longer. There was a car crash under one bridge and a cop waking up someone on a bench. Crazy details.

      • Jeanne says:

        Oh, my! That would be really fun! Did they give any idea how many people were involved in putting that together? What a lot of work!

      • Donna says:

        It is a railroad club. I am not sure how many members it has but there were at least 6 of them there operating the trains, some with their phones! They were mostly older men acting like kids. They looked happy.

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