Farm Calendars and Cards

I have found that there are some old-fashioned things I still like.  One of them is paper wall calendars.  I like to write all of my important appointments in one secure spot (I have had my Apple calendar fail me).  Plus I enjoy seeing photos that make me smile.  So today I received my 2023 calendars in the mail.  The most striking for me is the 2023 Schoonover Animal Calendar.  You can click here to see the photos that are inside.  The photo is of our Shetland ewe Vanessa.

The 2023 Schoonover Farm Calendar somehow is missing its cover title.  But still has nice farm photos inside you can check out here.

And then there’s the 2023 Schoonover Family Calendar.  I love the cover photo as it encompasses much of what I love, plus the lighting is cool.  The inside photos are here.

The other old-fashioned thing I still like is Christmas cards.  I did go a little more basic this year with less photos and no story.  But I think the photos I chose summarize the year fairly well.  It has the some photo as above as I love it so much, but also has what I think is a great photo of the grandkids on the Naches River (a very special place for me), as well as Tom meeting Coach Karl and me with Hodor.  There were other highlights of course, but this is a nice collage.

What old-fashioned things do you still like?




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7 Responses to Farm Calendars and Cards

  1. I love a paper calendar too Donna, and although I keep a spread sheet of all my addresses, I print it out and put it in an old school address book. I just find it much handier to use!

  2. Michelle says:

    I like snail mail, to receive and send! Although I will admit to not sending out Christmas cards last year and probably won’t this year, as it is hard to know what to say about the young adult in the house.

    • Donna says:

      I don’t get much snail mail apart from bills. You could do like I did and have a narrative free card with nice photos. I am guessing people would like it.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I gave up using an address book years ago, because it always made me frustrated, when someone’s address changed. I now use a file card system, which I devised myself. I keep the cards in an antique recipe box. It works very well for me.

    I also like getting and sending snail mail. I must admit, though that I get a lot of junk mail.

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