Freezing Rain

We did get our freezing rain but not as bad as the county to the north.  Plus we didn’t have to go anywhere so that helped.

First thing this morning though I was happy to see a hummingbird at the feeder.  Tom had forgotten to put out the feeders yesterday in the morning so it didn’t happen until I got home at 10:30.  I was worried, given how cold it was, that they would have perished.  But I saw one last evening at the front feeder, and this one today at the back feeder.  The Christmas lights are not enough to keep them from freezing when it is that cold.

The farm animals are all still alive despite the bitter cold yesterday and the freezing rain today.  The sheep Hazelnut and the goats Shorty and Saphie have been shivering.  Tom had set up a heat lamp for them when I was at work so hopefully it is helping.

After the animal chores were done, I went in the house and stayed.  The freezing rain turned to plain rain but lots of it this afternoon.  It was an indoor day for sure.  I decided to deck the halls with boughs of holly, so to speak.  This is one of the more ancient winter holiday traditions, and I thought it would be festive.  Plus it helps get rid of some of our abundant holly.

I had done this a few years ago though with yew, and it might have killed our cat.  I know that holly berries are toxic as well.  But I plan on having the holly up briefly before any berries come off.

I think it does look festive.

I also cleaned the house today  I think I am more or less ready for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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4 Responses to Freezing Rain

  1. Love the holly!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Donna!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Your decorations are beautiful, including your Christmas tree. Thanks for sharing.
    We didn’t even get our outdoor lights up this year. I’m not able to do them by myself, and my daughter hasn’t been doing well. So I guess we’ll save them for next year.

    Blessed Christmas! I’m glad your freezing rain changed to “plain rain”! We were blessed that we’ve had warm – with a high of 52 degrees yesterday! Down in the valley, Eugene and surrounding areas have had icy roads, with plenty of wrecks on I-5 as well as other roads. It’s warming up a little in the Portland area.

    Hummingbirds go into a state of torpor, when the weather gets cold. Ours have been very busy! We have at least three of them. They were chasing each other away from the feeder!

    Take care!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! We are glad to be done with the freezing rain. The next concern is flooding. Glad your hummingbirds are doing well. You take care as well

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