Grandson Visit

William came to stay with us for part of his winter break.  He came on Monday.  On Tuesday I had to work, and the weather was crappy so the guys went shopping.

William got a pair of riding boots as part of his Christmas presents.  He also got some mud boots for the farm.

He chose to stay on the fold out bed in the living room rather than in the guest bedroom upstairs.  So our living room became quite crowded, especially with the Christmas tree.

On Wednesday I mostly sleep, recovering from my work shift. But the guys built a bonfire.  William rode around on the property.

We ended up cooking hotdogs and sausages over this fire for dinner.  William described his dog as incredible.

Thursday I was functioning again.  William has been helping with the animal chores in the mornings.  He particularly likes refilling the waters.  He is not fond of our large goat Billy, however.

In the afternoon I took down the Christmas tree and decorations, keeping the beagle inside while the guys went riding in the back of the property.  William had a great time, although it was quite muddy and wet.


Later Tom took the tree out to the animals to munch on.  Billy decided he like it.

I decided to make a soup out of partial chicken and pheasant carcasses I had in the freezer.  I used this recipe to make it.  After I was well into making it, I realized that we were out of egg noodles.  So I decided to quickly make some.  I made extra so those are drying on my laundry rack.

Here is the soup.  It was really, really good.

I had figured that William would not be too interested in the Alamo Bowl, and I was correct.

This morning the guys slept in, and I did the chores.  The weather has been showery so this has been altering our plans.

William goes back home today.  I hope he enjoyed his visit with us.

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6 Responses to Grandson Visit

  1. Our grandson lives 300+ miles away and only gets to visit once or twice a year and never overnight!! He’s six and so much fun to be around and I hope someday he will get to do overnights with us too. You are so very, very blessed to have him with you.

  2. Jeanne says:

    If your pictures are any indication, I think William had a great time with you and Tom! When I watched the videos, I had to sort of catch my breath, when he drove through the creek. It looked almost like he was going to tip over He is such a cutie. And so is Piper.

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