Farm Cooking

I have been cooking recently with farm foods.  I have some of last year’s foods that I am trying to use.  On Sunday I made tomato soup with some of our canned tomatoes from last year.  I had this recipe in our local newspaper which inspired me.  The soup was amazing.

Then on Wednesday I made Butternut Bisque soup but used some of our Delicata squash from last year.  This soup was also amazing.

This evening I made a Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole.  This used up two ham hocks as well as a chicken.  It ended up being salty, and the ham dominated over the chicken.  So not sure I will make it again, but it did serve its purpose to use the hocks and providing dinner.  I have never made real Chicken Cordon Bleu before (unlike my brother in law).  This was easy but probably not as good.  I need to make the real thing now.

I also made Hippie Carrot Cake.  I harvested the last of our carrots to make it.  And I used my old bundt pan so that was fun too.

I did add pecans and raisins to it.  I am a longterm fan of carrot cake.  I used to get it every year for my birthday when I worked at the clinic.  I miss those days.

Tom wanted cream cheese frosting.  And I happened to have some cream cheese in the fridge. So I found this recipe and made frosting.

Tomorrow I plan on making Mince and Tatties.  This will use our hamburger and rutabaga.  I had to buy Maggi seasoning for this so am looking forward to it.

I do save all of my favorite cooked recipes on Pinterest.  I am now up to 999 pins (since I added the cream cheese frosting one just now).  That is a lot of pins.


In other news, check out this rutabaga in our garden.  It is huge.

And finally Rory has been rubbing on the alleyway fence and almost has it knocked down.

And Starsky cut his leg on some metal siding that they had ripped up.  He seems to be doing OK so far,  But we still do not have a butcher date and desperately need one.  Feeding them is difficult as well as these other issues.

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6 Responses to Farm Cooking

  1. Good job using all those treasurers up Donna! I especially like the carrot cake. I’m not a fan of cakes in general, but carrot cake and devil’s food will usually catch my attention!

  2. Jackie craw says:

    Looks delicioue, Maybe you should change careers ans be a chef!

  3. mcfwriter says:

    I’m definitely going to try that tomato soup. I hated Campbell’s tomato soup as a kid (still do) but this looks yummy. I’m HUNGRY after reading this blog!

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