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Walda’s and Hodor’s Felted Fleeces

I have recently been felted a couple of our fleeces. The first one is the fleece shorn from our Shetland ewe Walda from 2021. I have felted the back of it using the wool from some of our other sheep. … Continue reading

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Steve Gotcha Day

We got Steve 5 years ago today from the Skagit Humane Society.  I commemorated this event one year ago on my post Steve-iversary with some photos of him over those first 4 years with us.  So I thought I would … Continue reading

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Butcher Day

There was cancellation with our butcher so quickly we were scheduled for today.  If you do not want to read about this topic, I would suggest you skip this post. I have been spoiling the animals extra this weekend.  The … Continue reading

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