Motorcycles and Me

Emil in Preston motorcycle (3)

There have been motorcycles in my life as long as I can remember. Above is my great grandfather on one in early Preston, WA. So maybe I come by it naturally.  Here are photos of me dirt biking as a teenage girl.

1981 donna on motorcycle trailer

1981 donna on a yamahaIMG_0001hill climbing.jpg_NEWDonna on Yamaha.jpg_NEWDonna on yamaha_NEW

Here is a photo of me as a young woman and one of my Dad on an ill fated motorcycle trip.

donna and goldwing.jpg_NEWDad on Goldwing_NEWcrashed Goldwing_NEW

Here is a photo of my 1975 Honda CB 550-4, my second street bike that I got in college.  My first bike was a 350-4.  (This is back when motorcycles went for ~ $1 per cc.)


And here it is now.

CB 550-4 side

I have seen similar bikes at vintage motorcycle shows in Tacoma

Honda 4 cylinder

and in England.

vintage Honda 500-4

As with any mechanical device, a lot of our time was consumed with fixing things.

Dad fixing bike with Rick.jpg_NEW


Thankfully this last photo is of a fix for a stranger (briefly) in Stehekin.  Because we fixed his bike, we got to use it to go to the falls and the bakery.


My father has been riding motorcycles most of his life.


And thankful I met my husband Tom who also enjoys riding.  Here he is on our honeymoon on a scooter (not quite as cool).

burmuda scooter

Tom, my dad, and my brother go on annual motorcycle trips each year, going both on dirt and asphalt with dual sport motorcycles.

Heading toward Sawtoothsgreg dad motorcycles


My favorite part of my Route 66 trip was the Seaba motorcycle museum.  It was just magical there.  So there must be something to these machines for me.

Front of motorcycle museum

P.S.  I meant to include a photo of my father and me quite young on a motorcycle at the Stone family cabin, but I cannot find it.  If anyone has it, please send it to me.

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