Birthday Present Trip

My birthday present from Tom was tickets to a Seattle Kraken hockey game.  I have never been and thought it would be fun.  We took the Challenger down.  It was  little bittersweet as it is for sale, and this may be my last ride in it.

I also had an endocrinologist appointment in Seattle yesterday so decided to make a whole day of it.  We first went to Frolik for breakfast.  It was yummy.

It is known as a rooftop cocktail bar so we didn’t get to experience that, but we did get to check out their rooftop curling rink.

We then walked to the Pike Place Market.  We got to see the cherry trees that I thought were recently spared.  But it turns out I was mistaken.  They started removing the trees today.  So this is a last sad look at these trees.

I do not remember being at the Market this time of year.  There are daffodils blooming on the roof’s edge.

We were heading to the Purple Store.  I have wanted to go to this store for years, from when it was in Ballard.  So now finally made it.  Everything in the store is purple, so it is fun.

We then walked south and happened upon a PCC workers’ demonstration.  So that was interesting.

We were heading to the Central Library.  I have been wanting to do here for years too.

We took the escalators to the top floor.  It was interesting, but Tom didn’t like the heights.  There were a lot of people using the space including those without homes.  As we were leaving there was an incident with a man with mental health issues knocking over two Asian women trying to look at books.  So we left as security was responding.  We walked back to our car and as we left the parking garage noted a Wakefield Glass truck there.  This company is owned by my ex-step-brother so fun to see it there.

We took the Challenger to the Jimi Hendrix Park.  I only recently heard about this park and wanted to see it.

It is at the site of the old Colman School, and it was all very peaceful.

Tom dropped me off at my appointment at Swedish and then went to play pinball. I missed out on this.

We then headed to Wallingford to Tom’s favorite bottle shop.

We then headed to the Wedgwood Broiler.  This is a vintage neighborhood steakhouse.  They had classic booths and curving brick walls.  There were friendly servers and an older clientele that appeared to be regulars.  We both had Grandpa’s Old Fashioneds.  They are not my grampa’s drinks but still tasty.

Then we had dinners with all of the fixings.  I have had better beef before, but the experience was great.

We then started driving toward Climate Pledge Arena with Jim Ladd’s show on the radio.  It was fun listening to music with the sun out, driving through neighborhoods.


We took a detour to Kerry Park to catch the view.

Then we headed to Seattle Center.

And watched a hockey game.

Unfortunately the Kraken lost to the Dallas Stars.  But it was still fun.  We then drove home.  It was a long day, but I checked off quite a few times from my Seattle bucket list.  Unfortunately quite a few places on my list were closed because it was Monday.  But we still did OK.

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5 Responses to Birthday Present Trip

  1. Happy Birthday my Pisces friend! I’m glad you got to get away and have such a good time!

  2. Jeanne says:

    As I was reading this, I thought of your bucket list, and wondered if you were checking things off on your tour. I found my answer! I’m glad you had such a great time! It’s too back the home team lost, though. We got to watch hockey games when we lived in northern Manitoba. It was only local teams, but still fun.

    That’s really a nice picture of the tower in Seattle. The clouds and the jet really add to it.

    • Donna says:

      I am glad you enjoyed those hockey games. It was a first for me and was fun! I thought the jet with the needle and the sound was very appropriate. I am sure a lot of these photos have been taken from this park.

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