Tired Farming

Today I decided to stay up after my work shift and get some farm stuff done.  I feel like I am falling behind on everything and want to catch up.  I helped Tom with the animal chores, and then we trimmed the goats’ hooves.  It was more of a challenge this time as our shearing stand is broken.  Here is Shorty after her mani/pedi.

I checked on the fleeces that are drying in the trailer.  I opened  the windows to get more ventilation.

In the afternoon, I tackled the garden.  I moved the tomato starts into the hot house, into hanging buckets, and regular buckets in the greenhouse.  I also transplanted the sunflowers and cucumbers.  And I planted beans and rutabagas.  Here’s the garden behind the hanging tomatoes and the herbs on the porch railing.

Then I checked on the bees.  I wanted to make sure they have enough space.  Here are the various layers from top to the bottom.

I added another layer, and hopefully they will be happy.  It look like I need to buy another hive body.

Since I was in the orchard I checked out the peach tree again.  You see the peaches a little better now with the sunshine on them.

So now I feel more caught up.  The goats are healthy, the garden is full, and the bees are happy.  What more could I want?

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4 Responses to Tired Farming

  1. Jeanne says:

    You must have had a really tiring day! You got a lot accomplished.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Denise says:

    i didn’t realize that you were growing your tomatoes inverted. neat! are they mostly small fruits, or can you do slicers that way too?

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