Epic Water Tank Delivery

Yesterday we helped out my niece and her husband by delivering a 2500 gallon water tank.  First we drove to outside of Monroe to pick it up.

The previous owner helped load it onto our car trailer with his forklift.

We loaded up my niece’s motorcycle and then drove to the Edmonds ferry.

Here is our unique trailer on the ferry.

Then we drove to their property.

And drove up the neighbor’s scary driveway to place it near their property line.

The next task was unloading it safely.  They strapped it to a tree, and Tom drove forward while they placed pallets underneath it.

It got a little tippy in the end, but they were able to push it into a more secure place.  We checked out their cool place, and Tom checked out her electric motorcycle before we embarked on the long trip home.

It was quite a journey but happy to be able to help out in securing a reliable water supply for them.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That was quite the deal! Nice that you and Tom could help.

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