Our Trip To Challis

On Thursday morning we took our camper van and headed south and east.


We stopped for lunch at the Asahel Curtis picnic site.  I hadn’t been here since I was a teenager and they built the west bound lanes of I-90 since.  So this was a very noisy picnic with the freeway surrounding us.  The river and the old growth trees were pretty though.  Not sure what Asahel would have thought of this though.


I then got the bright idea to stop at the last remaining Sea Galley restaurant which is just about to close in Union Gap.We had a drink and watch a Felix Hernandez replay while waiting for our halibut and chips order.  It was all great and nostalgic.


We then kept heading down the road while listening to Richard Thompson.


We stayed at Grande Hot Springs Resort.  It was wonderful.


Then we headed out and continued our journey.


>100 year old schoolhouse being reroofed in Garden Valley



Then we arrived at Kirkham Hot Springs Friday in time for lunch.  What a truly magical place!



Probably the most relaxed I have ever been



Then we continued on toward Challis.


And we arrived to stay at the rodeo grounds.


And then we were shuttled to the Braun Brothers Reunion.



And we saw Richard Thompson.  He has long been on my bucket list to see.



It was fantastic to see and hear him, especially so close.The next morning we head back.


We arrived in the morning back at Kirkham.  It had been a campsite but was trashed so now it is day use only.  Here is an appropriate bathroom message.



We had lunch then continued on.  A moth accidentally joined us.


We stayed at the hot springs near La Grande again.  We did check out the resort nearby.



Sunday morning, we are heading home after our quick to Challis.  What a memorable one it was.

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  1. Denise says:

    wow- that’s a heck of a drive for a weekend trip! looks like you had a lot of fun along the way tho 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh boy!! That was quite a trip, especially for such a short time!! And you went through some of our old “stompin’ grounds”!! That area between Yakima and Sunnyside, was very familiar to us, and also the canyon, prior to that. The picture right after the 100-year old school, looks like it may be the cement place. Is it? We traveled over the Blues and down to Ontario at least once a year, when we were living in the Yakima Valley. So much of the scenery you pictured brings back so many memories!! Love all the waterfalls!

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