Maturing Male Poultry

It started with admiring the crest on the head of our white young peacock.

Then I started noticing the young tom turkey developing compared to his 3 sisters.  He then decided to check me out.

Then I started to pay attention to the young roosters.  The males have such pretty feathers and colors compared to the females.

Black Faverolle

Freedom Ranger


Iowa Blue

Freedom Rangers and Black Faverolle

Black Faverolle

Freedom Ranger

Freedom Ranger


This is my favorite of the young roosters.  He is so pretty and nice.  Unfortunately, I do not think we can keep him as he is a meat bird.

Freedom Ranger

Then there is Ryeleigh sleeping next to me as the Mariners lose yet another game.

But the Seahawks won!

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  1. Washe Koda says:

    I did not care for your baby getting skinned ❗️

  2. Washe Koda says:

    Is He the Kock a doddle do ❓ He is ready for the stew pot 🐔

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