Reunion and Turkey

I attended a portion of the 40th reunion of Bellevue High School yesterday.  It started with a tour of the school.  Here are the participants in the library.

This is a portion of the auto shop.  It was quite the set up.

They still have KASB radio broadcasting.

But they have a really nice, new Performance Center.

One of my classmates Dalton, a drummer, felt compelled to try them out.

This is the gym.  This is the only building that still exists from when we were there.  It looks smaller than I remember.

We did walk by the Bellevue Wolverine football team getting ready for the game.

We visited the robotics lab.  This is apparently a really popular activity at the school.

After the tour I explored what is left of what I remember about the school.  Here is the drive I would walk up to go to school.

Here is the rockery around the tennis courts which I think may still be original.

And here are the stairs into the school.  This was the smoking area.  I actually spent a fair amount of time here even though I didn’t smoke.  I liked the people that hung out here.

Then we went to the football game against Juanita.  Here is the band coming in after finishing the homecoming parade through town.


It was a trouncing.  The final score was 56-7.  We left at halftime though so missed some of the scoring.  We were impressed by #76 Demetri Manning.  We saw him before the game, and he is huge.  He played on the offensive and defensive lines at least through the first half.  Apparently his brother plays for the Seahawks.

I have mixed emotions about my high school experiences, as I am sure a lot of people do.  It was nice to see people I knew, especially Pam Rooney, who I knew since elementary school

Back on the farm, I did the chores while Tom finished our new produce stand.  I planted some iris bulbs and harvested some leeks.  I roasted our last turkey (16#) to make room for the new ones.  I made a tart of leeks and cheese, using our leeks and potatoes.  The meal also included our green beans and my blackberry wine.  So a farm meal except for the puff pastry and cheeses.

It is nice to be home.  And I do appreciate the life we have created here.

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5 Responses to Reunion and Turkey

  1. Jeanne says:

    Its nice that you could attend the reunion. What year did you graduate? How many were in your class? The school looks very nice.

    I think there were about 130 or so in my class. I have only gone to two of the reunions.

    I’ll bet you are looking forward to your new produce stand.

    • Donna says:

      I graduated in 1983. I am told there were 300 in our class. I am looking forward to the new produce stand, as are our customers. With it our gate and driveway are going to improve as well.

      • Jeanne says:

        Wow! That was a big class! It was a pretty small attendance for the reunion, considering the number who graduated.

  2. My high school doesn’t even exist anymore! I went to my 10-year reunion and didn’t get to another one. There was supposed to be a big celebration (at a different location) for our 40th, but the pandemic cancelled that.

    • Donna says:

      Well, at least I have a high school even if it is unrecognizable. Hopefully you will still get your reunion even if it needs to wait until 50.

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