June 28th:

We have a new puppy and a new kitten. The puppy is Josie- a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Black Lab mix. She’s well behaved and seems to be fitting in quite well. The kitten is PC (short for pussycat). She’s a calico with 6 toes on her front feet. She spend her first two days here under the china cabinet. Finally this morning we unload the cabinet, disassembled it and moved it and then she came out. Now she’s friendly although she likes to hide under the sofa now, but she’ll come out for petting when we call her.

Today I moved the animals onto new pasture and mowed one of the fields. I then carted the hose up the hill side and took two barrels up there to fill with water. This way I don’t have to cart water every time the goats need water. We planted some bamboo up there to as a privacy barrier (the neighbors are building a new home behind us) and the bamboo needs water too.

I weaned Gwendolyn today. She’s the last of the sold animals, and she’ll go to her new home on Saturday to be spoiled rotten. It’s sad to separate the lambs and kids from their mothers, but it’s better for the new owners not to hear the crying for their mothers, and I think it makes the move less stressful.

Last weekend we went to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. It’s a gathering of sheep, fiber goats, angora rabbits, their owners, and vendors who sell fiber related products. It’s a great festival. It was too hot though- pushing 100 degrees there. We brought Goliath down to his new owner near Salem, Oregon. En route he managed to tear off one of his horns and bled quite a bit. I managed to stem the bleeding somewhat but really didn’t have any of my sheep supplies with me. The new owner brought some Blue Kote and met us and we took care of it in the Denny’s parking lot. Quite a trip!

2006-06-29 01:50:02 GMT
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