The Fourth of July!

We bought 12 tons of hay last night and put up about half in the hay barn. We worked until 11:00 last night after we’d each worked our day jobs, but we couldn’t get it all in. We didn’t actually get it all to our place until 8:30 or so. So this morning we have to wait until the sun comes out to dry the surfaces of the hay bales and continue on. The photo represents one third of the hay we’re dealing with. I’m already bruised and sore and tired and have at least 6 more tons to do. Last year we had some help but this year it’s just Tom and I. Thankfully this year we were able to trailer it ourselves to the barn (rather than have it dumped in our drive way), and we were able to borrow a hay elevator again (which makes the job much easier). Tom did mention that we’re not going to be able to do this ourselves forever. During this process I was thinking about culling several animals, but I’m sure the sentiment will pass when I’ve recovered.

2006-07-04 14:54:25 GMT

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Culling,huh? Sounds like a euphemism for something
evil. I bet that hay cost you a pretty penny. It’s real expensive here (North Idaho) this year.
–Jon Bates

2006-07-05 23:11:35 GMT
Culling is the word for killing animals that are less desirable. I haven’t done it yet- I keep the animals but don’t breed them. But hay is expensive and a lot of work so at certain times of the year I think about it.
2007-05-07 18:16:56 GMT

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