Goats on berries

Goats on berries
July 19th:

Today I spent all day with goats. I trimmed their hooves and wormed them. Then I moved them out onto the blackberry vines for them to eat them up. I took the three does that were in with the bucks out- hopefully they’re all pregnant.

We’ve had two episodes with the plastic electric twine getting wrapped around the legs of animals recently. Last Thursday morning we found our Dexter bull with it wrapped around his back leg. It was quite a procedure catching him and cutting it off his leg- we were both late for work that day. Then on Sunday we found our North Country Cheviot- Suffolk ram (who came with the place) wrapped with the wire around his back leg and also attached to a overgrown pallet so he couldn’t move. He was cooperative but it still took a while cutting the tight wire from his leg. I spent yesterday removing every little bit of that wire from our fence posts and throwing it in he garbage. Our next plan is to put up electrified barbed wire- hopefully we’ll do better with this.

2006-07-20 02:06:19 GMT
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