Brown sugar

Brown sugar

This last weekend we went out of town! We went on a ghost town tour of Okanogan county which was a little but of a bust because all but one town were disappointing. Some were still towns like Conconully which is really busy right now with all the forest fire fighters camped out fighting the huge Tripod blaze or there’s nothing there. One town though Molson was great. It had a great museum open on summer weekends in its old school, and it had buildings and equipment in the old town still intact. We also went to a blues festival in Oroville which was great. On the way home we stopped by the Orondo Cider Works and bought regular and hard cider and crabapples we picked for our own cider. Then we got stuck in horrible traffic on Highway 2 trying to come home.

Anytime we go away there’s extra work getting the animals fed and watered adequately for the weekend and then tending to the first thing we get back. It seems like it’s extra work for some reason.

Today I caught the chickens that came from the incubated eggs we hatched. We managed to get 2 Araucana mix, 2 Dominiques, 1 Speckled Sussex and 5 Phoenix chicks as well as one pheasant chick from our incubating efforts. Last week I caught the Phoenix and pheasant chicks and put them in the pheasant pen. Today I caught the remaining ones and put them in the barn with the chickens. I hope they are big enough to fend for themselves.

Today I also caught the fiber goats. We have a Pygora, an Angora, a Nigora, and a cashmere goats. I wormed them and trimmed their hooves like I did to the other goats last week. I wanted to see who could use shearing. It turns out none of the goats needed shearing except little Brown Sugar, our Nigerian-Angora (Nigora) cross wether. His wool is in the photo. It’s like cashmere in softness but a little longer and curled- like mohair. It’s quite beautiful, and I can’t wait to spin it up.

This photo brings up another downside to farming- it’s very hard on jewelry. I’ve gone through many bracelets and watches- either breaking or losing them. I’ve managed to keep my wedding ring and another ring I wear intact, but everything else is gone. Last year Tom and I went into a Seiko watch store asking for the toughest watch there is since I had just destroyed my umpteenth watch. The saleslady convinced us to buy a $100 titanium watch. Well last week I managed to break the watch band on that one. I called the company for a replacement band and it’s $56 plus shipping, tax and another charge to put it one. So I said forget it. I just bought an Italian Charm watch. It’s stainless steel, relatively cheap and each piece is very easily replaced from between $1 and $10 dollars. You can barely see part of the watch in the photo. I’m hoping this strategy will work better!

2006-09-05 23:19:22 GMT
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