Llama Day

Llama Day
November First:

Today Eliz Martin came over to help me with my llamas. I started to lose confidence that I knew how to trim their toes because of a comment that my farrier made. Plus I didn’t want to work on teh llamas by myself since I was kicked by one last time I tried. Tom hasn’t had time to help so I’ve been late getting Swirl’s toes trimmed. Eliz took a tour of the place and then showed me how to trim the toes- she even gave me a new pair of trimmers. Turns out I was doing it right to begin with and Swirl’s toes weren’t too long anyway. She’s 19 years old now and getting a little “creaky” as Eliz said but seems to be doing OK. Eliz has purchased sheep and Nigora goats from me and she has llamas mostly. It was a really nice visit.

I also put the sheep into their breeding groups today. I placed the rams and the wethers that keep them company in a pen and winterized them (trimmed hooves and butt wool and gave them Nasalgen vaccine). I gathered all the other sheep into the barn and caught the ewes into two groups and put one ram into each group in fields that are appropriately separated. It’s all very exhausting and now my back hurts.

2006-11-05 03:31:23 GMT
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